"(...) excellent technique, temperament, refinement and exceptional music maturity, which we rarely find among the guitarists."
Večer, Sept/12/2009

"The Great Hall of Slovenian Philharmonic Hall was filled up with the beautiful and profoundly abundant guitar sound  which enabled the listeners to hear every interpretive detail of technicaly perfect and expressively colourful playing of Sanja Plohl..."
Radio Slovenia, Feb 16/2010

"This debut album, from a guitarist well on her way to what promises to be a successful career, perfectly reflects the artist's skill at interpreting an extensive repertoire ranging from the sixteenth-century vihuela to the work of contemporary composer Angelo Gilardino. Her understanding of the music is seamless, her technical virtuosity overcomes difficulties with astonishing ease and her young and airy sound - closer to light than to shadow - are musical treasures clearly identified on this appreciated first album."
Javier Suárez-Pajares, Diverdi

We can best appreciate Sanja Plohl's skills in Manuel María Ponce's Variations and Fugue on "Folia de España". A truly deep interpretation that shows an immense understanding of the work. Listeners will be compelled by Sanja's resources; her interpretation is of great rhythmical and sonorous intensity, complemented by her natural expression and technical precision; for this and much more the album is a real gem.
Alejandro Cano, 90 Disonancias, Oct 16/2013

"Sanja Plohl brought to her performance a spontaneous identification with every phrase and sonority, which compelled the listener s attention and opened up imaginative world beyond the text. Her Walton sparkled in the outer movements and sang in the slow one, while her sense of poetic involvement with the Bogdanovic made light of its length and intricacies. There was a feeling of genuine improvisation here of which, the jury was sure, Ivor Mairants would have approved and deservedly earned Sanja Plohl the first prize." Classical Guitar Magazine, 03/2009
(Review on Ivor Mairants guitar competition)

"(...) a truly memorable concert... I have been fortunate enough to attend quite a few classical guitar recitals and in my book this ranks as one of the most exciting and inspiring I have been to yet."
Sarah Fry, Dorset Guitar Society
Newsletter 03/2010

"There is a beautiful understanding of voices within the piece (Diabelli Sonata), with all its subtle changes in dynamics and tempo.  She allows the music to breath in a manner that would please the composer.   There are many performers who have the technical ability, but in my opinion, there are few that have raised the performance of the classical guitar to an art form.  Sanja has and is a pleasure to listen to for her musicality and intelligence that she approaches the music."
Laura Markee, Westland, US

"Her natural musicality and technical virtuosity is complemented with very delicate sound control. Her musical expression is outstanding and her sense of musical structure, motives and phrasing is both deep and resonant throughout her performances."
Zoran Dukić

"Sanja Plohl is an excellent young guitarist. I worked with her in the performance of contemporary compositions and found her to have a superb technique, and a wonderful musical disposition." David Starobin, New York City, NY

"(...) with her performance the 2nd year student at Academy for Music in Ljubljana, who has received the highest prizes at national and international competitions, has proved herself as one of the most promising young Slovene musicians."
Večer, march 18/2003